Contemporary Lake Residence Home In Arizona

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Lake Residence home was created by facilities Architekton and is a 3,500 sq . ft . contemporary home located in Arizona, USA. According to the designers, “a moderate spending budget as well as little site led to an extremely efficient piled rectangular plan which negotiated the site’s 16’ differential between the road as well as lake. A hyper-programmed masonry “container” identifies a courtyard at road level as well as slides with the home and dramatically cantilevers towards the lake.


The actual ensuing style yields a personal low-scaled presence from the road side and a remarkable make up towards the community river, that gets the particular “front yard.” The Lake Residence Home uses the north-south alignment having a protecting “wrapper” that is opaque on the east as well as west elevations and provides deep solar shading on the south.

When climate enables, the home’s primary living area incorporates large slipping glass wall space on both the north and south sides allowing for accurate indoor-outdoor living and ultizing the natural evaporative air conditioning in the adjacent river to the northern as well as swimming pool about the southern.”. For more information regarding the project’s lake residence home structure, browse the plans after the publish.

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