The Modern Residence With Intriguing Baltic Sea View

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From the pictures you can see this is a multi-storey luxury villa can accommodate more people and have a view of the beautiful forest of green trees and able to provide refreshment and peace for the owner while listening to the chirping of birds and other animals who rarely can we find in urban areas. From this picture you can see there is an indoor pool where the water color looks green because it is a reflection of the outside of the house through the glass doors of the houses. There is a long book storage closet where you can store hundreds of books you like and at the front of the cabinet there is a long table and some chairs where to where you read a book.

Thanks for visiting Guna Villa, the modern residence design along with intriguing Baltic Sea look at. This particular villa was created by GMP Architekten. Guna Rental property situated in Jurmala, a city a little way from Riga, Latvia. Probably the most spectacular area of the house is possibly the observation structure, the Fifteen meter platform in which the occupants can also enjoy clear views from the sea. The home opens up in order to it's spectacular scenery, made up of a rich pine forest and also the sand hills from the Baltic Sea seaside near Riga.

Here's more details in the task designers : The rental property reveals south as a U-shaped architectural entire body. The visitor enters the home protected by the components within projector screen about the western section. This particular western part of the house can serve as an impressive entryway. Located on the upper ground would be the resting quarters, including lavatories as well as outfitting areas, which support the hostess as well as her guests. The living spaces are located in the far eastern area of the home. The dwelling is actually organized as a split-level dwelling. This means that the amount are counteract through upon another by half a story. In this manner the multiple trip bring gets one of the main features of the actual house design. It occupies the actual main room, connects the various amounts with one another and is therefore part of the overall residing experience. Adjoining areas, like the houseĀ  library, are available to this center room, supplying views.

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