The Private Family Residence Within The Urban Life Style

From the picture below you can see the "private family residence" which at the time was the night the entire building will look very unique and luxurious look for bright lighting and beautiful. The house also has a beautiful light so as to provide a comfortable atmosphere for the owner. The design of this house also has a garden that comes with a couple of chairs that you can use to hang out with your other friends or family. This house has a spacious living and long-equipped guest chairs, tables piano, dining table and a large window that provides a view of interest to homeowners.

This post about "The private family residence within the urban life style". The house situated in Los angels, Jolla, North park, California, on a formerly abandoned 7200 sq ft lot, vacant for almost 20 years. Prospect Home was created through architect Jonathan Segal. Here is more details about this house : “The architect/owner utilized the area to build a private, urban home with regard to his loved ones by having an on-site structures studio. The actual home is really a stucco box resting on as well as based on Corten metal walls planes, supplying both privateers as well as sound attenuation. The primary living space is actually surrounded by a reflecting swimming pool on one side along with a glass floor alternatively.

Below grade, where the workplace and entertainment amenities stay, the cup floor/ceiling liberates the space and enables sufficient natural light. The house is open up as well as flowing stretching the livable room into the private backyard and highlighting pool. Boundaries tend to be mixed and prolonged through sliding panels as well as lightness, transparency, and extensive views. Now you can see some picture collection about private family residence and hope gets some fresh idea for you're residence house design.

Prospect House pool with bed for rest Prospect House outdoor fireplace Prospect House living room Prospect House interior Prospect House bedroom Full View The Private Family Residence In The Urban Life Style Prospect House The Private Family Residence In The Urban Life Style The Private Family Residence In The Urban Life On Street View


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