Redo-Me Attracts Modular Systems of Ecodesign

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Redo-me is a brand name that attracts modular systems with regard to sessions, convertible with items that change with time, using the chance of growing their helpful life according to the concepts associated with environmentally style: cuts down on the most of pieces cellular with regard to and values the environment by using materials not contaminants. At the base associated with Redo-me there is the concept of recycle because with a few pieces you can produce a wide selection of furnishings having a mounting system Meccano design. There's a actual final item designs, if not to help you have fun with a new new Seat anytime there's a specific need.

Redo me chair design

“Redo-Me” is actually compiled by Fernando grams. Pino and Manuel g. p Paredes research “Paredes Pino” in collaboration with Carmen Bolívar Montesa. The idea is simple as well as effective: to buy a design hunk able to change and evolve to suit your needs in time to save cash and resources. In practice, it solutions the question: the reason why have a mobile home that's unique when you are able have numerous cellular with couple of pieces?

Redo-produces myself utilizing Birch high-quality laminated in various surface finishes, actually utilizing clear or clear components plexiglasin. The parts are put together adhesive, using an extendable growth system, that allows a limitless quantity of cycles of Assembly and disassemble. You can get a large number of combinations of lift-up basis because of pieces and some special installation package: It's a sport that you can lengthen the actual environmentally style as well as reconfigured to produce every time a totally new sitting encounter.

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