Beautiful Stylish White Apartment With Storage Wall

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Storage wall is really useful for those who do not have so much space in the house or apartment. An example of a wall attached storage is amazing and chic this superb apartment located in Gothenburg. The storage solution in the dining room is certainly impressive. The design is so simple and it looks like a white board. The storage wall is very suitable for storing things. It is not just a piece of furniture, but also a part of the decoration. In addition, the shelves take space is not so, but you can make thousands of things in them.

The entire decoration in the apartment itself is really nice. The apartment has large windows, white and many green plants that make the place strong and comforting. Airy, bright and relaxing are just three words to say about this apartment. These there can be a source of ideas for those who want to build an airy and alive.

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