Combined Modern Versatile Sofa Design

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We apologize to you for the articles that are not so good at this time and do not have any other pictures because of something that a lot of shortcomings but for the next picture you can see at the end of this article because we put the "source" original. From the picture you can see a modern design and luxurious sofas and can change shape as you want. Luxury sofa design is perfect for those who want a living room look more fresh and luxurious.. The French designer Matali Crasset, published his latest work: Sofa versatile. The sofa is a contemporary designed for the Italian furniture company, Campeggi. The sofa is ideal for those with an active lifestyle. This is because it provides for several purposes at once without taking up much space. It can act as a normal sofa, in the form of two armchairs, where you can welcome your guests on it. But when you're tired and you want to do your feet relaxed, you can lift the part of the chair-shaped lounger full speed. The designer did not use all the mechanisms of high-tech in it. Instead, the use of seven sections that can be easily converted into many possible seats. The sofa is made ??to give comfort active. Despite its various functions, the president also has bright colors that give joy to your living room. (Source : via)

Versatile Sofa and Working Desk

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