On Inside Luxury Hotel The Burj Al Arab

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We have information on inside luxury hotel the Burj Al Arab, the interior be design by a team of KCA International, Ms. Kuan Chew with the concept of the architect Mr. Thomas Wills Wright. The Burj Al Arab Luxury Hotel was built by WAS Atkins Partners Overseas Company Building.

The only 7 star hotel in the world and with services and facilities are very indulgent and provide comfort even the gods, the Burj Al Arab can justify charging visitors an entry fee of about Rs.5000 ($ 100 approx).

After a wonderful tour, if you are interested to spend more time here, your choice ranging from simple Rs.50, 000 ($ 1000 approximately). Prices are in accordance with a very memenjakan service for hotel guests 7. and extend to large 13 lakhs ($ 28,000 approx) per night.

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