Raiffeisen Bank Design Concept

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NAU designed the newest bank within Zurich for Raiffeisen Bank Design dissolving standard barriers in between customer and also employee, making a new type of “open bank”, a space of encounter. Superior technologies make banking facilities largely invisible; employees entry terminals hidden in home furniture elements, although a robotic retrieval method grants Round-the-clock access to security deposit boxes. This changes the bank’s function into becoming a light-filled, inviting surroundings - a wide open lounge where customers may learn about services and solutions. This lay feels a lot more like a high-end list environment than a traditional lender interior.

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Conversations can start spontaneously around a touchscreen equipped info-table and move to conference rooms for further private chats. The Raiffeisen Bank Design has info-table not merely displays numbers from globe markets in realtime, but can be employed to interactively discover the good reputation for Hottingen, or just check the latest sports scores. Raiffeisen Bank Design Stylishly flowing wall space blend the various areas of the financial institution into 1 smooth procession, spanning from your customer wedding party at the front, to employee work stations oriented for the courtyard. The plan cautiously controls views to create diverse grades of privacy and to enhance daylight throughout. The wall space themselves work a tissue layer mediating between the general public spaces and also intimately scaly conference bedrooms.

Portraits of the quarter’s most notable past inhabitants like Böklin, Semper or perhaps Sypri grace the actual walls, their own abstracted images machined into Himacs using advanced digital production methods. While delicately decorative, the Raiffeisen Bank Design style ground the bank in the area’s social past, while looking clearly towards the future.

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