Beutiful Pool Design Retro Style Collection

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This is a new beautiful pool design created by Padraic Cassidy lift the retro-looking beautiful pool of 30 inches of soil. The pool of 750 square meters, is the center of a courtyard. Mission Tile West is used for the combined coverage for the green pea custom tiles. To make the main path on the bridge and create a single view, river rocks were placed in wet concrete. Was also built in a hot bath at 65 feet square. There is also a black tube solar thermal PVC. Mounted on the roof that heats the group treated with saline.

A new feature of this design is a living room with fireplace and outdoor poolside by the garden designer, Tory Polona. Now you can see some picture pool design collection on this article and gets the fresh idea for your home concept.




premier swimming pool

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