Modern Minimalist House Of Edge House By Jarmund And Vigsnæs AS Architects


Located on the outskirts of Oslo, the house edge has been designed in the limited area. This house was designed by Jarmund / Vigsnæs MNAL architects. He bought the bare ground hard with a difference of height of 8 meters from the road to a plateau. To save the whole, the building has been pushed to the perimeter of the site is suspended above the slope in stainless steel columns. The entrance staircase rises up the mountainside through the house on the plateau.

This strategy avoids expensive blasting connections, technical hiding on the stairs. It played at the same time the existing features of the site, creating a spectacular game between the volume and location. The entry requirement and experience of attempts to highlight in this interaction. The interior is compact horizontally arranged around the glass of the entrance staircase. Rooms and bathrooms are actually organized along a corridor. The main structure is steel with concrete slab floor polishing. The interior is covered with birch plywood, the exterior natural colored fiber cement panels


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