Mountain Refuge Los Canteros by dRN Architects

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In the picture below you can see what the mountains feel very cold ice which is a landscape seen from the mountains as well as the design of the house from the outside would seemingly different from the others because of a combination of colors that match the color of white ice. When you are in the living room you will be able to see immediate sweeping through a large glass in the house and adjacent to the dining table is a long enough for many people. In the picture is also seen that home design has a section where the mountains to see the sights around you through your outdoor home or balcony can also be unique, spacious home. Overall the design of the house with the mountains of ice are very beautiful and unique and perfect for those of you who want to enjoy a cool atmosphere with friends or family. And of course with the existing space in the home is used to accommodate a lot of people which can be used to hold a winter.

If you think for to make new house and mountain you must see first best and simple design for  this concept design. Mountain Refuge Los Canteros Design concept by dRN Architecs and be locate at Chile. For designing this contemporary mountain refuge we proposed a monolithic volume of stone that partially fills the void left by the existing containment walls. The intense bright light reflected off the snow, together with the thermal loss through windows and walls are important aspects when building in the mountains. These conditions were something that the old mountain chalets, built in the town of Farellones during the 40’s and 60’s, took into account through small interior spaces and thick stonewalls with very small openings in their facades.

Mountain Refuge Los Canteros night view Liviing Room Space on Mountain Refuge Los Canteros Mountain Refuge Los Canteros home design Mountain Refuge Los Canteros Black Colors Combination outdoor home space Mountain Refuge Los Canteros

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