Amazing Futuristic Pod House Design Concept

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The imagination knows no bounds. And you can tell by looking MercuryHouseOne mobile games. Designed by the architecture and vision, modern equipment reflects a very pragmatic approach to a classic too. An independent unit that can enter mobile in urban and rural areas.

At trial, the pod looks like an alien helmet. But the camera is very futuristic and compact size. The exterior is made with curved pieces of marble, Carrara white marble to be more precise, allowing the necessary hardness. The interior of the house is flexible and can be configured as desired and to submit to various uses. Supports TV systems and audio backlight is being built to shape the experience of an inner world.


The joints between the windows and chrome with acrylic door. The outer envelope is backlit, which gives an exciting night. The material used is lightweight but strong. Solar panels in black on top, giving a clear and sufficient for energy needs. Thus, the unit is functional environment and a free supply as well.

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