Contemporary California IT House By Taalman Koch Architects


Do you want how to make IT house be cool? you can the cool and simple put Contemporary IT house design by Taalman Koch Architects at Pioneertown, California. Contemporary California iT House is a modern prefab house design, factory-made and assembled on site to control construction waste, environmental impact, labor and quality, according to the architect.

Taalman Koch has accomplished this through sustainable building practices and materials, and through the emphasis on indoor/outdoor spaces. The single-storey design is enclosed in glass walls and features an open-concept interior with rustic, raw woods and simple design elements.  “The simplicity and elegance of the design is alert to the essentials; the house creates a focused environment for maintaining harmony and deep connections with the natural world.” This eco-friendly house is heated, cooled and powered using passive methods – cross-ventilation, radiant floor heating, solar and thermal panels and energy-efficient appliances. See More Info Via Contemporist

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