House Design Concept With waterfall

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Known as "the greatest American architect of all time, Frank Lloyd Wright was a famous writer, educator, an interior designer and architect. He then worked in different models for schools, hotels, museums, churches and offices, which also promoted organic architecture and was a leader of the movement of the Prairie School of Architecture.

An architect who has worked on over 1000 projects, the most famous Frank Lloyd Wright project to date is "Waterfall. " A house built on a piece of the track in 1934, had the honor of being designated a national historic site in 1966. After the 29th ranked America's favorite all-time architecture, this house was the residence of J. Edgar Mr. Kaufmann


Although the waterfall is always available to the public before, is now open to them through a new program called "Focus on the road to the waterfall. A one-hour visit was offered to the public before, but the introduction of the program, the house welcomes visitors with a special two-day stay at a cost of $ 1,195. One night, near the house with the possibility of spending the day on the terrace or in the rooms and halls now be possible.

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