Modern Home Design With Mix Corete, Wooden And Steel

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Now we wants post new modern home design, and it's be comes with mix Corette, wooden furniture design, and steel. This is a modern home designs created for a large family home and be specified for the next generation. because of this house  modern design in the land is large enough. and just load the whole family. This modern house was designed by reinhardt jung Architect. This concept be strong component of this house is of concrete, steel and wood was built to make the house more modern and luxurious

This point of view of modern house designed to accommodate four generations of the family under one roof, adding that the house revolves around the dynamic tension between past and future - an overlay on floor plans rolled at the intersection of the models and the combination of modern materials and cutting-edge contemporary classic choice.


Steel beams and painted black to play outside of the traditional white walls, both informed by minimalist spacious apartment windows. You can some picture collection has be we post to you and gets the idea.

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