The Furniture Modern Luxury House Decorating Design

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Here the luxury of decorating ideas modern Italian design furniture and French architect Vitaly Pavlenko woman.Housing young interior design is a complex contour of the exterior walls, which is determined by the line of investment is on the other side of the aisle . provided some comfort to the family home of two men, identified public and private lounge zones.On planning decisions on the basis of a kitchen, living room, children's room, bedroom and bathroom are on the exterior walls .

Moreover in the hall with laundry and bathroom. expressive form of partition, the presence of light holes and facilities open to "dissolve" in the corridor, turning the original score from the inside. Smooth lines in this state, created the illusion of a beautiful and spacious lounge area.let luxury home design furniture modern Italian and French.


To emphasize the dependence of the host, the author proposes the concept of color with the dominant color was gray. The variety of shades that monotony in the design of different rooms.For each group of rooms, Vitaly Pavlenko color.In request additional guarantees from the living room and kitchen - red in the bedroom and bathroom - Green, a child and a guest bathroom - orange. The apartment is most often organized by Italian and French furniture. in this image:

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