The Modern Architecture by Studio Granda Architects

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Now we want to post new some modern architecture design collection from studio granda architect. Studio Granda Architects have a very simple and minimal style. The construction process is a crucial opportunity to refine, reassess and make the views expressed on paper. The nature of construction requires a practical attitude and sensitivity combined with an understanding of physical force.

To take full advantage of this energy, it is essential that construction equipment is the understanding of equality with the objectives of the project design team and client. The rare talent in the hands of the craftsmen can provide a new dimension to the design and advanced to the final product. Ability is expressed not only in wood sculpture and stone, is also careful to align a door or a computer program for concrete.


Ignoring unartistic art as a process of production is to deny the creative spirit. In the architecture of the latter is considered as a complete entity, as a weak actor may confuse the message of a piece, a detail poorly designed or shoddily constructed that disproportionately affect the perceived confidence of a building.

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