The Frick Residence Design Style By KRDB

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From the picture below you can see the "frick home residence design" comes in the form of an elegant and luxurious look at night because the lights are neat arrangement. At night you will see when it will go into the house where the house looks bright as the light of the lamp which is able to provide beauty and beauty for those who will go into the house. In the picture you will also see each corridor into some space in the house you will find a long book storage shelves where you can store books and display of paintings that look more comfortable home atmosphere and fresh. In the bedroom there is also a bookshelf with two chairs where you can use it to read books. In the design of this house there is also a swimming pool that provides access to a view of green trees and provide fresh air when you swim. In this house there is also a small bar and a dining table that can be connected directly to the living room.

Now we want to post new home residence design and we see it's be great design named Frick Residence. The Frick residence was designed by KRDB. This home is located in Austin, Texas. On the basis of contiguity of the program design consists of a series of 16 "steel posts filled with a metal lid covered with SIP. In the fireplace, the house is grammatically volumizer professional and tiger wood and glass, while the study is defined by the integral color stucco. The main entrance is a subtle hint at a generous hallway which also functions as a gallery for the art collection of the client. The ambient light in the study room and living is guaranteed by a number of monitors to the north, overlooking the main drag, while most private suite is volumizer maple woodwork. See the picture collection of frick home residence design and get the ideas.

Bedroom Space with rack book space at frick home residence design Swimming pool frick home residence design frick home residence design styke by KRDB long book storage shelves at frick residence style Best lamp night view at frick home residence style frick home residence style bar and dining table

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