Contemporary Modern Residence By Jardim Paulista

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Now we want to post some collection good choice picture of contemporary residence with modern design style and artistic building. The contemporary modern residence be designed by Jardim Paulista Residence and will a biggest work ini architectural residence design is So Pailo, Brazil. This residence also was created by Arthur Cassas to maker the comfortable homes design to life mainly in summer with full filled also sunshine.

Arthur Casas architecture covers a range of interior design, residential, commercial and new construction projects. You can see on the original site of modern home design style at we see this residence house was building of overlapping rectangles clean and crisp with a palette of whites, tans and also browns.


The contemporary modern residence has featuring ceiling to floor windows and skylights also with light filled residence face beautiful greenery that nicely compliments the earthy tones. The room is through the open staircase and the large indoor pool and rock garden increased adding to the unity of nature and man-built structure. Now you can some picture has we post to you and hope gets the idea.

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