The Modern Leon House Design With Beautiful Garden By 57studio


Now we want to post new modern house design, it's named "Modern Leon House Design" in Chile from 57studio and be with Beautifull garden. We gets the information, modern leon house was design by Maurizio Angelini and Benjamín Oportot architects with collaboration design Felipe Zamora architect, and also created with modern concept with combine of concrete, travertine marble and steel material.


This house house brings the fauna inside, characteristics of the area are the presence of many huge old trees with houses that have a limited relationship with the street. Eliminating an old architecture building and respecting the native trees with a major presence and landscaping value on the site, the spaces are organised on an ‘H’ form plant with a second level over the central wing, following the same space relation pattern of the house design that the family left.

For Interior spaces are organized around a native tree (Cryptocaria alba) that accompanies the access from the south. Thanks to the room, the presence of a large avocado tree (Persea americana) is flanked to the north, and a private wing to the east is bounded by old cypress macrocarpa (Cupressus macrocarpa) and some crepe myrtles. In the central wing, a private second level extends throughout its length, leaving one end of a terrace at the height of the treetops. The West Wing, open public spaces to the north with a porch garden, and areas of direct service to their point of view of a ashleaf maple (Acer negundo).

On this design it's has beautiful pool home in the west at the lowest point of the site, where the fall to the ground while meeting its boundaries, the articulation of their presence to the rest of the garden. The design of the house is preceded by a large paved square, called for an open parking area visitor

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