The Modern House Carqueija Design By Bento With Azevedo Arquitetos Associados

Now we want post about new house design it's Modern House Carqueja design style by Bento. Bento with Azevedo Arquitetos Associados has presents House Carqueija, it's a modern house built 1.400,00 sqm site area in Camaçari,Bahia – Brazil. The house is designed to be more sensitive to the site, focuses on outdoor life, and offer functional and comfortable spaces. With a simple and effective is a bungalow with 2 bedrooms, a chapel and a large area and flexible social, incorporating living, dining and TV room in an open space, linked to the area outside an arcade. The house was located horizontally within its site, a major environmental concern and the project to preserve the natural landscape and topography slope so the fleet home instead of creating two types of occupations. A couple of steps leading to the entrance of the stairs of the modern house connecting the green area outside where the pool and barbecue stands.

In this way, at the front, the architectural elements such as windows and a narrow hood has been used to protecting your home from solar radiation, while the back cover on the east side, fully integrated with the outside through large windows, sliding doors and a porch connecting the house with the green zone. Totally different from the experience of entering the house and only then discover the huge space filled with natural light and visual relationship with the natural landscape.


Modern House Carqueija Design With Green Grass View Kitchen and Dining table at modern house design Living Room Modern House Modern House Design Green Area Pool and barbecue stands on modern house Modern house design plans detail

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