Bisazza Bathroom Furnishings By Jaime Hayon

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From the image below is a sink that looks simple that can be used two at a time, and your decorations are two shelves that can be used to put small flower decoration or can be used to put soap box or other small equipment for the sink. The design is actually sink covers comes with elegant Scandinavian style and glamor is very suitable for women who have great careers and love the unique design of other. At present you can sink by using glass ceramics stone combined with black and gray as well as by using a combination of yellow gold metal for the legs sink.

It was the voluptuous creature born from the imagination of Jaime Hayon for Bisazza mosaics from the Italian. The works of art and the brand could not leave his mouth open, and where the complicity between the company and the designer has led to spectacular results, innovative and attractive (as it always should be). Now, after years of silence, again partnering with a new line of bathroom furniture, the first for the Italian brand. "The collection recalls the 30's with a touch of glamorous women and Scandinavian forms Elegance is the hallmark of this new line." - says Hayon. Do not miss the usual effect of the preciousness that unites designers and companies, resulting in marble, chrome and copper finishes precious.

Bisazza bathroom sink furnishings by Jaime Hayon

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