Porta Nailer Manual Flooring Cleat Nailer

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Designed for angle nailing 5 / 8 "to 1" tongue and groove hardwood flooring. Accelerate the process of nailing and ensure the tightest possible Nailer hardwood floor Porta-Nailer. In addition to the tongue and floor of the groove nails decorative panels, sub-floor panels and roof panels. The "ratcheting ram" only ensures that the piston does not return until the nail is in place.

Press the ram until it returns and ensure a good nail increasingly close and the stage as possible. This setting nails 5 / 8 ", 3 / 4" and 33/32 "tongue and groove flooring you can buy accessories for shoes, thin to nail the floor. (3 / 8" - 9 / 16 ") and nail face. Its lightweight and durable construction combines high strength aluminum heat treated steel makes precision machined light, durable and easy to handle. The Porta-Nailer is made ??in the USA USA. UU. and comes with an extension handle, mallet and hard carrying case.

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