Poter Cable Two Nailer Compressor Combo Kit

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All you need to start your finish woodworking compressor, air nailers, screws, air hoses and accessories. Brad Nailer uses 16 gauge, 3 / 4 "to 2 1 / 2" finishing nails. Features include adjustable depth of drive, a mechanism for the release of the jam, nose and all, a hammer hard and boring, adjustable exhaust.

The 0.8 (running) HP 6 Gallon Pancake Compressor: 10 Amp, 120 VAC motor, 150 PSI pressure to run the tool, the oil pump without any maintenance, ability to run on standard household current , 2 couplers, easy to carry, only 34 pounds. This combo kit includes: FN250B jackhammer, jackhammer BN125A, strong cloth bag, 6 gallon compressor, air hose 25 'with plug and socket, 2,000 fasteners, oil, operating manuals

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